Hi, I'm Steph, a woman who is trying to figure out her place in the world. All while paying bills, finding a social life, and trying not to let herself get overwhelmed with stress and life's bullshit.

This is where you will find random rants about my life and (more commonly) various things I reblog from my fandoms. They are numerous and most prominently/recently include:

-Agents of SHIELD;
-Warehouse 13 (Bering and Wells!!);
-The Hunger Games;
-Once Upon A Time (mostly Swan Queen, some Sleeping Warrior and other pairings);
-Game of Thrones;
-Orphan Black;
-Misc DC/Marvel stuff;
-Doctor Who;
-Lost Girl;
-Grey's Anatomy;
-True Blood;
-Law & Order: SVU;
-Rizzoli & Isles;
-The X-Files;

PS by the length of this info bar you may have noticed I'm a bit verbose. So yeah... head's up.


dear housing development people

I know that you went to all the trouble of telling us (only) 24 hours beforehand, but seriously can you finish whatever shit you’re doing and put the water back on?  Kinda been sick for days, and a shower would be preferable to the sponge bath I gave myself with a bottle of water in my sink. 

Ya know, just sayin’

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